I think it would be only righteous and fair, to start with my favorite film of all time. Inception created masterfully by director Christopher Nolan really sets off a new dimension for film and establishes something that can be put into one set genre, unless the genre of course is complete mind-fuck. This really helps you to set this film apart and now relate it to anything you’ve seen before, you can just sit back and enjoy something new and un-explored, which really allows the viewer to just settle in and love this film. 

The main characters established straight away, our Mal played by Marion Cotillard, Arthur played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Cobb played by the unbelievable Leonardo DiCaprio. The actors named in the latter, really pulled out all the stocks in this movie and set it apart from any other film they’d done previously, making them really brand themselves as an actor, but i do feel without Christopher Nolan and the glorious plot, the film would of fell short. However, a just want to congratulate Christopher on this film, after the marvel that was Memento and then moving on to the Batman films, he’s quickly made a name for himself, and tipped himself as one of the greatest actors out there at the moment. 

Now to the film itself, the film which searches around the topic of sleep and within dream state, it really is an interesting topic and i am so glad that Nolan did research on the topic, before going face first into it. The film is epic on an incredibly epic level , and really fail to see how anyone could dislike the film and how easy it is too watch and fit their lives into. With all the action and fast motioned scenes, which are incredibly enticing it also includes a deep emotional side and relates the film to the emotional side of the film goers. On the whole i have this film 10 times and it just doesn’t stop getting better, an absolutely amazing piece of film. 

David Foster



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