Fast and Furious 7-James Wan

Fast and furious, after the 6th installment coming out so soon, then recently to have the director Justin Lin say he won’t be doing another, due to the deadline and pressure of the time period in which they have to get it done by. Justin Lin who has been the director from Tokyo Drift you Fast 6 has now left, which leaves Etalon the production company incredibly short changed. 

However, as of now James Wan, mainly known for his ability to scare, with the films Insidious, Saw and Dead Silence, which don’t get me wrong are some of the horror/gore films made, but to then put his talent in horror to match up to something so exponentially different to his other movies to then put him for one of the biggest franchise of action film today is slightly beyond belief. 

It’s really hard to understand the thought process beyond, i have nothing against the director James, but it is not is genre and is very hard to see how he will match up to this new film and take over the reigns. I really from the bottom of my heart hope he pulls it off and proves me wrong, but  i really can’t see it working, in my eyes it just doesn’t fit together, i really can’t see it going well, especially with the demands of

David Foster 


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