Avengers 2

This blog regards the casting news and rumors surrounding Avengers 2. I heard that many of the stars in Avengers Assemble aren’t with their current contracts, which is fairly heavy on Marvels behalf, when especially Robert Downey Junior will want a big pay up. It is rumored that many of the stars including RDJ and Chris Evans (Captain America) are looking of an increased wage on top of their already substantial contract. RDJ with his recent film iron man 3 coming out shows again how he’s still the biggest marvel superhero at the moment, and as he plays the part so well i would be very surprised if they changed him around, however i think under the biggest threat is Chris Hemsworth (Thor), it is said that his contract with Marvel only runs till the end of the Thor the dark world, so does that mean that he could be the first to be axed and replaced who knows, but Marvel did a very good job casting last time, so i doubt many of the actors will change if any and no drastic changes will be made. 

P.S i think RDJ deserves the money don’t you? 

David Foster


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