Man of Steel Review

This is a quick review on my thoughts and feelings about the new Superman film-Man Of Steel. Firstly, i would just like to credit the amazing work by Zack Snyder(director) and Christopher Nolan (producer)- those two really set tone from the offset what can only be a success. 

I hate to dig into or complain, but we all know that the previous Superman films were a bit of a shambles, we all knew it, we all were beyond it. When i heard about a new Superman film i thought, not again, another one, but then they got some backing, some force with cast and production alike and it tuned the new film finely into becoming something more than what it was intended(quote from the film, had to throw it in there). 

Escaping from all that, we see Superman in his element, from where he began to the hero he becomes, from a baby to a man, and a super one at that, but i think the most intense moments were when he was just a boy, the introduction starts off when he was just conceived on planet Krypton. This introduction for me personally was by far my favorite part of the movie, it shows the beginning of how it began almost perfectly, and this is what starts of a truly spectacular performance from the beginning. 

The Villain in this film was a Krypton born man called General Zod, he was to see the beginning of a new Kyrpton, after its collapse on of course where else, but the planet earth.  This all sounds very cliche, i know i know, because well it is, but from time to time, you can allow it. Amir Mokri the director of photography for this film, really pulled out all the stocks with this one, and made everything work perfectly and capture everything needed. The scenes are truly epic and Krypton is a set perfectly, it helps by having the backing of Syncopy and Legendary studios of course. 

Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane) and Russell Crowe (Supermans father Jor-El ) were all superb in this movie, casting Henry was certainly a risk, but a well worth risk and worked very well i feel, Amy Adams as always was magnificent and i can’t speak more highly of Russell Crowe’s contribution to this film, he did a lot more than was expected and really set tune to the how great this movie really was .

Ofcourse with a superhero like Superman and with his traits it’s near impossible to not have a few moments where you think “wait..what”, but there is just no way around this i feel, so even with some outrageous moments, the action filled epic scenes fade them out. Furthermore, their were a few moments in the film were things were laughable when they were supposed to be serious, but hey with what film as action packed as they do you not do that. 

Overall , this film made it for me, i loved it, it looked and sounded brilliant so credit to the people behind that, and everything within it made this really the first Superman film i really got myself in to and believed in. With this installment of the franchise i believe that more will come and with bigger and better scenes, hopefully again with the backing of Zack and Christopher.

I give this film a solid 9/10, which is brave , but totally deserving. 

David Foster


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